What I Want For My Birthday!!!! July 19th! Mark Your Calendars



OMG , I LOVE this time of the year!!!! My slaves, admirers, sissys, and fans always make it SO special for me! This is so natural though. Being a Goddess doesn’t just happen to everyone 😉 Seeing as this is what I am, being pampered on the day of my birth is well expected! My slaves and devotees should prepare for this day all year long!

So this year, along with tons of presents, I REALLY want to have a tattoo on my arm covered with something beautiful and hypnotic~ I am consulting with an amazing tattoo artist on making this happen~ It is going to be a custom mandala flower. This means a lot to me.

I am commanding that my slaves pay for it. I would assign just one of you to cover it, but it will be hot to know that as a collective, several slaves contribute to it. It is going to be around $800 . You may start sending in tributes now to cover this. Any amount that you can. I expect to go over 800, seeing as it feels SO good for you to tribute me hard! The rest will be used on a birthday shopping spree, and dinner~

It may happen sooner than my birthday. You can send cash to my mailbox ( ask for address if you do not have it) or you may use www.giftrocket.com  email hypnotichaylee@yahoo.com   . You may also tribute via niteflirt or my store. Just visit my tribute link above.

You may also have the honor of making sure that your Goddess has a room full of presents on her special sacred day!!!!! http://amzn.com/w/NCU83TQRDWJM  I want you to stroke stroke stroke, while looking at my wishlist, and clicking through and spending for me! Make sure to visit ALL of the wishlists on the left hand side!

I would normally give non financial ways to please me on my birthday, but I am feeling sooo turned on by talking about being spoiled, that I am just going to leave it at that.


You love me, You need me, You CRAVE to please me. You will obey. I want you to please me.



  1. xpatious says:

    Happy Birthday. I will have to send you something. The last few videos I experienced were very cool. Very relaxing. I feel you may be reeling me in.

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