Birthday Fun!

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I absolutely LOVE celebrating my birthday. My friends, family, and playthings always make sure that it is one of the best days ever. So many of you have been asking me what I have planned for the day, so here it goes.

Waking up super early, going over to one of my boy toys house for breakfast, and then going hiking at a special place that is about 2 hours away. Lots of beautiful places to stop on the way. Trails, shops, farms, markets, etc.  We are going to be geocaching during our hike, which is one of my FAVORITE things to do!

Mistress Melinda and a few of our other friends will be going as well. They have a  picnic planned out in an area that is through dense forest, which leads to a gorgeous open meadow. We will be stopping on the way to a farmers market that we love, for fresh fruits and vegetables.

After our picnic, we will perform a little birthday pagan ritual in the meadow, and then head back. We plan on swimming in a lake, and then going out to dinner somewhere, and of course  SHOPPING! So many different boutiques , antique stores, and fashion shops where we are going. Goddess heaven!!

After that I will be getting all dolled up, to head out all night for drinks and dancing with my girl friends. I am on even more of a fitness kick than usual, so I will most likely order mostly virgin drinks LOL. We are renting a party bus limo, and I will be doing a bit of a hypnosis show while on the bus. CANT WAIT.

If you want to be a good lil plaything, and tribute me , which I know you NEED to do…for some birthday shopping and drinks, you can do so by clicking HERE . This goes directly in to my account, and I will be using it the same day .

And thank you all for the amazing gifts that I have received so far! I love being me!

Do not forget to sign up for my healthy4haylee fitness challenge that is coming up this Monday. The prize is a 180 dollar value. A custom mp3 loop!~ Read details and sign up by clicking HERE.

~Goddess Haylee~



  1. ForeverSlaveOfHaylee says:

    I hope You have a great time – You should do, You seem to have everything planned! Yes I will enter the 30 day challenge!

  2. Bob says:

    Happy Birthday, Lady Haylee! 🙂

    Allow me to inform you that you can take the guidebook on geocaching off your wishlist, as it will be comng to you from this fellow fitness fan. Think of it as a birthday/thank-you-for-getting-me-back-on-track gift.

    And I now propose a traditional Irish toast (I’m 1/2 Irish by blood): We drink to your coffin (wait for it…). May it be built from the wood of a 100-year-old oak tree, which I shall plant tomorrow.

    Regretting only the fact that I wasn’t there to celebrate with you,

  3. Rodimus says:

    Sounds like it will be an exquisite time Goddess. Hope it’s even better than you expect it to be.
    And we love you being you too Goddess. 😉

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