Birthday Goddess! July 19th


Hello my slaves and sweets. A VERY important day for the both of us is coming up! July 19th is my birthday! You BETTER mark your calenders and NOT forget!  If you serve me, worship me, admire me, love me, cherish me, and more, then it is held as a high, very special day for you.

Naturally, as my slave/submissive/admirer, you want to do something on this special day for me, and countless continue to ask where they can gift me. I will leave several options at the bottom of this post for you to indulge in, to bring a smile to my beautiful , appreciative face on this special day! I am expecting a lot of indulgences for my birthday! Goddess always deserves the best!

My favorite form of tributes is through giftrocket! Click HERE to send me a giftcard

You may also tribute through my store HERE



Click below for my amazon wishlist!

Click below to send me a giftcard. for amazon giftcards

Enjoy! I know you will have just as much, if not more fun spoiling me on this special day, as I will being spoiled!


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  1. Andy says:

    What a beautiful and brilliant cause for celebration! An especially sweet gift that is given by Haylee (on the occasion of her own birthday!) is the feeling the comes from contemplating the wonderfulness of the birthday, and then receiving the fantastic feeling of sending a happy birthday present to the very person behind such wonderfulness. Happy (early) birthday to one who makes the world more beautiful and magical by being in it.

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