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I want you to spend many moments here losing yourself in my eyes. Allow all thoughts to wander, and fade away as they please. You will find yourself coming here over and over again, increasing your addiction to Me, and allowing the aching NEED to serve, obey, spoil, and please me GROW. Get lost in my eyes, only to be FOUND where you truly belong, as MINE to do whatever I wish to/with~


I am a Hypnodomme, a Goddess, a Powerful Divine Woman, and I have a huge craving for mind control and owning submissive slaves. I live my life as a Dominant Mistress and Goddess, yet that is not what solely defines me. You will often see me interacting with my followers, admirers, slaves and friends about other passions such as health, wellness, animals and spirituality. I like to get to know my slaves and submissives, and different levels of commitment and devotion are welcomed. I have those that literally live FOR me, and gift me full control of their minds, bodies, income, spending, and sexual activities and function. I also have those that serve Me when they are not indulged in their day to day life, and then go right back to their day to day life after our session. I have those in between, a mix of the two. All are welcome and have a place at my feet if there is something to benefit and please Me.

I have many slaves all over the world, and enjoy watching the House of Haylee grow in numbers with each passing day.


1. Will you ever meet me in person, do live sessions, go on a date with  me, etc?

Short answer= No. Absolutely not. NO EXCEPTIONS. Click HERE to read a full answer.

Also make sure to read these Harsh Truths by clicking HERE before engaging in a D/S position with me.

What are some other things that you enjoy?

I love being out in nature, and I love animals. Especially dogs and reptiles. Some other things I enjoy are : painting, arts and crafts, making natural perfume, candles, shopping, hiking, camping, meditating, working out, reading, jewelry, photography, cooking, wellness, and reading.

What are some tasks that I can do to please you?

Read this post first, which explains realistic ways to please me- Click HERE

Click HERE to read a full post which explains how to spread the word of Haylee. This pleases me VERY much. Other than that, as a Goddess, I LOVE being spoiled, pampered, and treated to wonderful things. Tributes make me happy. Sacrifice and tribute often. Train to my mp3s and videos often. Embrace my bliss daily. Interact with others who are slaves to me.


Read the article I wrote on becoming a blogger on my group slave site by clicking HERE . This will also grant you access to my private forum.


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  1. k says:

    Goddess Haylee, You wished to be given message of hope for next session, or at leastI think so, its so hard to remember, and im trying to remember to forget I think the next time you will be even more in my mind taking so much control, I feel so compelled, but also afraid, im sorry. thank you. you do brilliant work

  2. Steve says:

    I need your voice hayley and am devoted to falling deep under your spell. Whilst I am desperate to soak up your words and obey you, my life long fetish is feederism. I would have you subliminally encourage my appetite so that I grow greedier and steadily fatter before your eternally deep and mesmerizing gaze, if it would please you to see me below you in this way.
    I hang on your every word.

  3. harold says:

    i am ready to give up my selfish greedy vanilla life and become a devoted follower and slave and worship only you maam,your power is great and unstoppable,your a higher being and i will kneel at your feet

  4. Tim says:

    Hello Misress Haylee. Please hypnotize me deeper under your control. I have seen your beautiful pictures and heard your soothing, hypnotic voice. please make me sink deeper under your seductive spell.

  5. Tim says:

    Please hypnotize me, Mistress Haylee. I have seen your pictures and heard your samples. I need to be your hypnotic slave, Mistress.

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