Big Day Coming Up!!!! !!!!


Ohhh my birthday is SO SOON!!!! July 19th. I am SO excited. I REALLY REALLY enjoy celebrating my birthday! I think they are so special, and way too under rated! :p I mean, this was the day your GODDESS was born! It should be cherished and celebrated SO HARD! I also celebrate the day before and after, because well, I can.

Today would be the perfect day to start prepping to spoil me for it. It is amazon prime day, so if you spend over $150 you get 30 dollars off, and they have deals on everything. So head over to my wishlist and shop shop shop shop!

I prefer CASH though! I want to be spoiled so hard and go on so many shopping sprees and outings on my birthday! You can tribute on giftrocket or google wallet to or you can tribute on my follow plus page or my I want clips page! 

I deserve this and sooo much more! OMG the day your Goddess was born!! How exciting. Treat it as a holy day. Worship me sooo hard. Indulge in my words, my mp3s, my photos, my videos, everything me me me me me!

If you can’t afford much, that is okay too~ Join my follow plus page linked above, or purchase a few of my clips~ Anything to show me that you NEED me.

Love me always~

Goddess Haylee


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