Appreciating Your Hypnodommes Erotic Art


This blog entry on appreciating your Hypnodomme came to me because yesterday I had so many asinine yahoo messages regarding my latest erotic hypnosis mp3 that I figured it was a good time to post this.

Each time I launch one, the assholes come out lol.

For many who indulge and enjoy erotic hypnosis, they only see the positive side to it, and to a hypnodomme. It SHOULD be a place for mutual pleasure, satisfaction, and enjoyment.

Sadly though, that is just not the reality ALL of the time. Sure most of the time, at least for me, since I am blessed and blissed with seriously what I consider to be some of the BEST slaves in the entire world. But there is a very frustrating, ugly side to this as well.

A LOT of time, energy, patience and motivation goes in to being a successful hypnodomme, and to be able to still truly enjoy what you do. Keep that in mind next time you are interacting with yours. I will give you just a few insights on what we deal with that aren’t so pretty and glamorous 😉 This is in regards to mp3 creation only, I will cover other topics another time. ( Keep in mind that I am not speaking for ALL hypnodommes, just in generals, from personal experiences, as I feel appreciating the hypnodomme that you serve, is a good idea for all.)

Mass Amounts of Ignorant/Rude/Asinine Yahoo messages and emails regarding mp3s :

” If I purchase your mp3 and it doesn’t work on me, can I exchange it for another one?” ” Can I have your mp3s for free” ” WHAT! I HAVE TO PAY FOR YOUR MP3S, NO WAY!” Give me an mp3 for free” ” What do you do, what is your website about, what is your mp3s about” Mistress I bet you can’t hypnotize me, let me listen to a free mp3 to prove it” ” Youre a greedy money hungry bitch, only in this for the money” ” Oh I can’t have it for free, I guess I thought you would do this just for fun” etc etc – It takes me days to complete and launch a new mp3. Sometimes even weeks to months from idea to completion. I love every single minute spent creating, but I love appreciation for it even more. It fuels my creative energy and bliss for continuing forward in making more.

Here are the steps it takes to successfully launch one of my mp3s. I write the script, edit the script, write the description, read through the script to make sure everything flows as Id like it to. I do this over the course of several days to keep it fresh.

Record the main vocal track. Edit, cut, edit the main vocal track. Listen to it all the way through to make sure there is no unwanted noises. Record the underlaying tracks. Listen through. Listen to the tracks put together. Edit the entire file. Search for the perfect music and beats/tones, add music, effects, etc. Open in another editing program, and add a few more touches. Listen all the way through again.  This takes hours and hours and hours and hours to do over the course of several days.

Several times something has gone wrong to where I’ve had to completely trash and start that entire process over! I like to make sure it is exactly the way that I want it, and if it isn’t, sometimes the best thing to do is to just start over.

Create the cover art. Post on several websites. This takes about two hours just to post it on all of the websites that it needs to go on. Sure I could have someone else do all of this for me, but its part of the creative process for me. It makes it personal for me. I enjoy doing this.

$30.00 to experience something so personal and time consuming in the form of my erotic art is very reasonable. Appreciate what I do, what other hypnodommes do if you listen to another, because if you do not, you never know when they will stop creating such quality art.





  1. hypnoslave1994 says:

    Thank you for posting this. While i am relatively new to this kink (about a year and a half) i have been around long enough to realize how much effort and love are put into recordings, scripts and the interactions between slave and mistress. People who are looking for something free to get off to are most likely people who want to do just that.. get off and move on. There is nothing wrong with having some free content but it is what you actually sacrifice or commit to that makes it so much more then listening to something. it changes the experience for both parties and that is what i think those people are missing.. it is truly a shared experience.
    From what i have seen many of the dommes are actually very accessible to their followers and slaves, a rare and special thing to me. It must be hard to have that thrown in your face every time you produce more content at much sacrifice and obvious love for what you do. thanks again. hypnoslave1994

  2. Jimmy says:

    You deserve every penny for the wonderful work you do. These guys who think they should get everything for free are out of line. We exist to serve Our Goddess and Goddess should be compensated for her hard work. Plus it feels good to support you by tributing and buying your products. The other thing you didn’t mention is the incredible amount if face time (or chat time) you spend with us for free. Make me feel good about you by spending time chatting and it makes me more want to purchase your products and go deeper under your spell. That’s just good business.

  3. Mike says:

    Even just looking at the nuts and bolts of what you have to do to get a recording finished, I’m sure this stuff takes a ridiculous amount of work. Anyone who’s been in a band or even done a podcast knows that the recording and editing and all of that nonsense is super tedious and time consuming. And unlike a podcast, that can be raw and scratchy sounding without ruining the experience for the listener, your tracks can’t afford to have any little audio imperfections. And from what I understand the tracks are mostly 30 to 45 minutes long. That’s basically the length of some albums. And it’s just you talking the whole time. So either you record the main track once through and hope you get lucky that it flows right or you have to edit different takes together to make it sound like one fluid vocal take and not some pieced together robot voice. Then there’s the other tracks you have to mix in, and it sounds like everything is pretty much DIY? Yeah, even if you weren’t a hypnodomme you would still be totally justified to charge $30 for something that took so long to bring to fruition.

  4. ForeverSlaveofHaylee says:

    Please see my post in InHayleeWeTrust about this. But i would also say this. The marketing information clearly states “you will only purchase and listen to if you are ready to embrace me as your Goddess”. It is quite clear that none of the senders of these Ignorant/Rude/Asinine Yahoo messages and emails have any intention of embracing YOU as their Goddess

  5. blissdesires says:

    Thank You for posting this Goddess Haylee. For anyone who has listened to Your mp3’s or taken the time to get to know You, it’s not difficult to see that You put something of Your inner essence into the art that You create. Your passion comes through clearly and it is treasure that You have chosen to share.
    People that beg for Your work for free, or pester You with dumb questions demonstrate their lack of respect and their character. I can’t help but think, what a pitiful existence for them.

  6. Yojo says:

    I appreciate what you do. Early today I read your post “Why I Choose To Be A Hypnodomme.” Everyone should read this post. You are a very talented young lady. If someone wants a sample of your work they can watch your short videos on YouTube. You have a gift. You are able to sense and manipulate the energy between you and and your subject. You use this ability to enrich the lives of both you and your subject. This is a beautiful thing. I think the complaints come mostly from men who fear strong dominant women. Their comments say more about them than they do about you. Keep up the good work I love your eyes

  7. Andy says:

    Thank you for the insight into your experiences. I confess to feeling a bit sickened and angry while reading the comments that oozed from the scaly fingers of sub sub sub humans. You create something of beauty, of art, something that reaches far beyond any surface. This is the gist of what art strives for. It seems there are people incapable of seeing past the most base surface- and to be honest, I feel they do not deserve to litter your existence, which should be as beautiful as the beauty you bring into the world. If I could, I’d put a psychic mute button on all those who do not stop and consider what they are saying and who they are saying it to. It reminds me a bit of people who visit the most wonderful natural environments and leave trash scattered about. Also, at the root of it it’s a matter of respect. Everyone deserves to at least be approached with basic respect. The fact that some do not even exhibit the most basic respect to a hypnodomme is a psychological puzzle I can’t put together. In closing, I hope you can feel surrounded in the praise and love and appreciation of those who truly listen, absorb, and adore what you do.

    • hypnotichaylee says:

      I agree, I think some people just forget sometimes that we are HUMAN too, and not just there for their sick perversions and sexual fantasies. Luckily, the amazing people in my life FAR outweigh the ones mentioned in this blog post!

  8. Dr. B says:

    I’ve never commented here before (though I thoroughly admire and respect the Goddess)…but this time I just have to say she is RIGHT ON…everyone wants something for nothing.

    Nothing is for nothing in this world, despite ads to the contrary, ladies and gents.

    She does great work. She deserves to be rewarded for it.

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