An Important Lesson For Submissive Slaves

Recently one of My slaves lost himself for a bit. He ventured away from My divine ownership, only to find that it left him feeling unsatisfied, empty, and not feeling like his best self.

He is back where he belongs now. He emailed Me the following, not too long ago : ”

Although i believe i deserve nothing and am owed no reward, no matter how much i pledge or tribute, i realize now that it was (if You agree & confirm) a mistake not to beg for “rewards” like phone-time, or custom layered tracks using my name.
Any time it pleased You to grant such, those experiences would almost certainly have reinforced the bonds that tie me to Your will, creating greater self-acceptance and crushing resistance. “

I replied back : ”
I don’t think any of those things should be needed in order for a slave to be devoted and good. Think about that.

I demand a letter as to why those aren’t needed.
On your knees of course slave  “

And this is what slave responded with, and what he has learned.

Goddess Haylee, Empress Vox Siren, Divine Leader, Owner of my soul,
In obedience, this slave is on its knees and thanks, worships, and is writing on the subject of why it does not need voice calls or personalized tracks or other patreon rewards.
The simplest reason is that Goddess says so, and this slave needs no other reason or evidence to know the truth of this.  
However, that is perhaps too easy an answer, so this slave will think upon it harder and write a full and proper letter.
As slave thinks about it, it realizes that if, in *any* way such rewards, even on a subconscious level, are felt by the slave to be a paid “service” provided by Goddess, then they would simply be wrong, very wrong. The slave *exists* to serve, please, and spoil Goddess Haylee, Empress Vox Siren, Divine Leader and Owner of its soul.  Goddess is *entitled* to *everything* this slave is, everything this slave has, everything this slave does, without Her needing to do *anything*.

The slightest exception to this is a defect in the slave. Goddess should be confident, and slave should know and accept, that Goddess could completely ignore the slave, for days, weeks, years, even denying the slave access to new files, and the slave should continue handing over all, the maximum possible amount of Goddess Money, that She uses slave as a tool to earn.
The slave is not earning Money — it merely labors for the money as a tool. Goddess earns the money using the slave as a tool. Therefore it. is. all. Hers. Always. Forever.

In Her wisdom and kindness, Goddess has provided email & text interaction, and many recorded files, by which a slave may do all the work of training itself, deepening and hardening the mental, emotional, spiritual, and psychological chains that bind the slave inescapably to Goddess’s Will. Goddess should not even have to do that, so it is a great kindness that She creates these files and makes Her Divine Self available for some textual interaction, to help the slave reach is true and proper potential of being fully and inescapably Her Property to Do With As She Pleases.”

The big lesson here is this:

Submissives have been deluded by online porn that caters to the males wants and desires. Without realizing it, men are being penetrated inside of their minds with toxic notions that they deserve certain things from Women, and more so that Women actually ENJOY doing or giving these things.

As a powerful Dominant Woman, I decide what I do, how I do it, and when I do it. As a slave, that is the only reward you need. Phone calls, special recordings, special attention etc can be earned. This is true. But NEVER expect them, or even think that We enjoy giving them freely to every slave who may do something pleasing. That takes the fun out of it. I love the spontaneous feeling of it.

I also believe that a few simple words of praise from Me are reward enough in most cases. That is Me taking time out of My day to train, encourage and acknowledge that My slave is on the right path.

You dont deserve ANYTHING unless I say you do. Simple as that! Stop wanting MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE. You are hard wired, especially through your erection to constantly seek out MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE because that is how men operate. Their dicks start needing more and more stimulation to feel sexual pleasure.

The TRUE test of a slave, is pushing through that desire for MORE and serving and being what you are- a slave, even when We arent performing and giving you ” MORE” . Your duty is to serve without question, without want, without straying to fulfill that MORE. Your MORE should become serving even when you arent getting MORE. That is what a true slave does.

This is proof that you are fully 100% owned and controlled. Anything else is simply you using a Woman for your pleasure. And that is truth!

Be a slave. What you are destined to be. A REAL slave.



  1. submissive-greg says:

    A very inciteful post. As much as i have always made great effort to serve a hypnodomme it never occurred to me think of my motives when messaging that unless it is to Mistress’s benefit then don’t. i will certainly live by this rule for future.

  2. Andy says:

    There is so much to contemplate in this post. The want for more is wired into the male (into my) subconscious, yet it only leads to wanting more and more. The want can feel like an expectation or even an entitlement, and that seems like a negative space in an exchange that should be positive. The challenge I give myself is to go beyond the basic “wants” and live in the bigger picture, the deeper feelings. Knowing that the most wondrous Goddess is in this world should be overwhelmingly intoxicating in itself. The more I acknowledge this the more life is enhanced in a myriad of ways, and the more the presence of the Goddess appears to me- not through “things” but through everything. And then, when a file is experienced, when words come from the source of such bliss, it is SO MUCH more thrilling for the sweet surprise. I know deep within I am devoted. In gratitude of such gifts that the Goddess gives, the response I focus on cultivating is giving and not expecting or receiving. It is an effort, but it is a path I find worth taking and I am grateful to Goddess for the ever expanding presence in my life.

  3. Domo says:

    This is right on point with thoughts I’ve been having quite often. As a male I do find myself driven with that “more” desire, and I also loathe it. Thank you for sharing this Mistress Haylee. I will be giving it a lot of deserved thought.

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