AMA When you claim to be be capable of turning one of your slaves into their true self, what does it mean?


“When you claim to be be capable of turning one of your slaves into their true self, what is it, exactly, that you mean?”

Good question.

When a slave comes to me, with true DEEP desires to serve me, to please me, to be mine ( not just dick in hand wanting a quick get off at the thought of “being submissive to a Mistress” ) they are searching for something that is missing. They can feel it, and I can sense it VERY strongly. To serve, to please, to completely submit and surrender to a powerful deserving woman is FAR more than a simple fetish to many. It is something that completes them. That they need to be whole. Sometimes it takes a LOT of soul searching, and trial and error to get to that point. I am pretty good at picking these types out almost instantly during conversation. There is just something different about them. Their energy is strong, exciting, yet lacking .. something.

I help to fill in these missing pieces. To make a slave whole. The TRUE version of themselves. The version that is fulfilled, satisfied, and finally living the life they are meant to. The life that brings the most passion, fulfillment, satisfaction, and bliss. If I claim one as mine, I help them become the best version of themselves. This is reality, and makes any fantasy SO much better.

Its like to them, finally feeling “at home” a sense of inner peace. They wake up feeling extra good, extra special. They go to sleep with a smile on their face. The feel free, even while being so deeply enslaved to me. This is their true self.

As far as you know, whats the longest you’ve had someone in hypno-chastity? Has anyone ever broken free before?

Several years. Physical cage and non. I still have a few ongoing for years that are chaste for me, and don’t expect that to change any time soon! For these people it is the ultimate act of submission to me. I enjoy it.

Yes people break free from chastity all the time. For the most part I could care less, but for the ones who SWEAR up and down and promise to remain chaste for me, and then break it, I lose interest in them quickly. I see it as a waste of time to train someone who simply does not obey my wishes. I don’t care about any of my slaves orgasm. I really don’t, unless I am commanding one for a slave training reason. I do however care about their aching, and obedience. When I tell them to do something, they either better do it, or not be surprised when I lose interest in giving them commands, and chastity rules.

I LOVE obedience. I LOVE training my pets. I understand that sometimes, especially with newcomers to chastity, that it will be broken, but you make the mistake ONCE. That is it. I will often forgive it once with someone who is new to being in chastity for me. After that, they are getting stuffed into the toy box until they are willing to be more serious and obedient!


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  1. Roger says:

    I was a bit confused about the answer to that hypno-chastity question. It seems like you were saying those guys just broke chastity on their own. When I’ve had a PHS to be in chastity, I haven’t been *able* to escape. The first time I did a chastity trance it took a couple weeks before I changed my mind, decided it was too much for me and chose to end it. That’s when I realized I couldn’t. I still wasn’t able to touch myself no matter how hard I tried. The hypno-domme told me she wasn’t interested in releasing me or even talking about it until I had been in chastity for 6 months. At about 3 months I was so desperate I paid about $600 to another hypno-domme for a live session to roll back some of the suggestions and allow me to orgasm (with lots of prostate stimulation). It wasn’t until the 6-month mark when I finally was able to pay the first domme to remove the chastity PHS entirely. So when guys just break chastity I want to ask, “How did you do that, seriously, what’s your secret?”

    • hypnotichaylee says:

      The ones who break it are normally ones who aren’t under hypnotic control. Not all of my slaves train with hypnosis 🙂 However there are a few who have been able to break free from it, but only from very short training with hypnosis. They went in without REALLY indulging, without really training to the file.

      • Roger says:

        Ah, that makes sense. Seems like when hypnosis takes then it’s really hard to break. But if someone doesn’t internalize the suggestions in the first place, for whatever reason, then it doesn’t have as much lasting power. Thanks!

  2. Forever Slave of Goddess Haylee Lynn says:

    i do have a deep desire to serve YOU, to please YOU… i think YOU are helping me find my true self – i do hope so much that YOU agree….

  3. John david says:

    Goddess, I totally relate to the first part & echo EXACTLY all that is said. At the same time, you helped me to understand better what to u always meant by that….. I didn’t fully understand but now I do. Thank You

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