I Adore You, My Sweet


I am laying back on my slave bought bed, under my slave bought sheets, typing on my slave bought laptop right now, and I am looking around my room and realizing that almost everything in here has been purchased for me by my slaves. This is exactly how it should be! A Goddess should NEVER have to buy her comforts herself. Her able to slaves should work hard to enrich Goddess’ life, and provide for her. If you are unable to, that is okay too, just find a way to stand out, and please me!

While I was smiling thinking about this, I also started to get a warm fuzzy feeling inside, and thought to myself ” Damn, I absolutely adore my slaves” Words simply can not express just how true that statement is. I am so fulfilled and blissed out with so much love and adoration for what is mine. I adore my slaves, sweets, fans, admirers and loyal devoted pets SO much. I LOVE starting every day by reading tons of love and fan mail, accepting tributes, reading desperate words of praise, and watching my empire grow. Every night before bed I check all of my social media platforms and email accounts, and smile, literally knowing so many are falling for me deeper and harder every single day. I LOVE my life.

Do you love yours? If you are one of MINE, I already know the answer. An absolute OH GODDESS YES! If you aren’t mine, then what is holding you back? I promise that if you give yourself to me, nothing will ever feel better. If you have given yourself to me, give me more~ I am so good for you. The best thing that has or ever will happen to you. You are safe with me, you find comfort in me, you find the place where you have always meant to be. At the feet of your Divine Goddess, anything is possible. You will become your true self. The best version of yourself.

I take care of whats mine. I am not just saying that either. I want whats best for my slaves, and I get pleasure out of seeing them flourish as an individual, because they are a representation of me, and I simply deserve the best.

So for a moment right now, I want you to imagine what it would feel like if you were to give yourself to me, or simply give more of yourself to me. Really feel it, and imagine it. Live it, and be it for a few moments. Feel my Goddess energy inside of you. If you haven’t already, drop to your knees and savor each and every word that you are having the honor of reading right now. It feels SO good doesn’t it? You never want this to end. It doesn’t have to. Give in to me, its good for you. I am your Goddess. Say it.




  1. John David says:

    Goddess, this is so perfectly written, expressed and SO VERY TRUE! Not only have I felt and witnessed all of Your care and nurturing and training, but I am a daily testament to Your wonderful power and Goddess energy ⚡!
    I live being Yours! I love pleasing and obeying and spoiling You…… Nothing is better in life! You are EVERYTHING and I am ever so humbly thankful and lucky that I get the privilege of having You in my mind and life to live for and please!

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