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Mark your calendars! As if you could ever forget!! I am SO excited!! I LOVE birthdays! I think they should be greatly celebrated!! Every single birthday is a gift, a treasure, an honor and a blessing. Naturally mine is WAY more important than yours though. I believe mine should be celebrated world wide 😉 At least all of my devoted pets from all over the world should make Me feel as if it is!

Before I tell you all what My plans are for My special day, I am going to tell you how you can please Me for My birthday. Even if you are unable to splurge to an extreme level, you still better do SOMETHING to show Me how thankful you are for this special sacred day!~ The day that I was born.

  1. TRIBUTE ME! I know sending gifts is really fun for you, and I LOVE being spoiled, but MONEY is my ultimate pleasure. Tributes in the form of MONEY make Me SO happy, excited, and truly pleased. I will NEVER grow bored with money and can NEVER have enough!!!!! Click here to tribute Me for My divine Birthday!

That’s it! I want to see SO many tributes rolling in for My birthday!!!! It will be starting at the crack of dawn!!  I will be using the tributes to show off My slaves, and take out several of My beautiful, powerful, amazing girl Friends for a birthday bash extraordinaire!! I’d love to spoil them with new hiking outfits, shoes and gear paid for by My slaves. I get such a thrill showing off how obedient and pleasing all of you little weaklings are!! Of course We will all go shopping together for it.

Then We are going to go on a little road trip to a new hiking spot. One that is wide open and beautiful, and that I will not only feel safe in ( screw you ticks), but it is also very well maintained and secluded as My friend who lives by it says hardly anyone ever goes there because the hike can be a bit tough!! We are strong POWERFUL WOMEN who will tackle it.

After that We will be going to cool off in a beautiful lake with a waterfall.

Once we are finished enjoying nature, We will head back to My friends house to get ready to go out and celebrate even more for My birthday! We will go out to a delicious Farm Fresh restaurant with a private balcony overlooking a lake. My friends of course wanted to treat Me for My birthday, but Powerful, Beautiful, Amazing Women should NEVER have to pay! So naturally, you slaves will be paying for this also!

After this we will do a bit of shopping along a strip of outdoor boutiques, and you’ve guess it! Slaves WILL be paying for this also!

Then finally back to My friends beautiful home to enjoy a fire, and laugh about how well My slaves pleased Me/Us for My birthday!!!


Powerful, Beautiful Women never have to pay!



PATREON( you BETTER pledge on My birthday if you arent already there!!! I DEMAND IT!)






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