5 Tips To Help Deepen Hypnotic Trance

10 tips to help deepen hypnotic trance

I often receive messages from several different sites, regarding ways to deepen hypnotic trance. Sometimes a person will message me and tell me that they are unable to be hypnotized, seemingly can not feel the effects of hypnosis or erotic hypnosis, and have a hard time falling deeply in to a trance. They ask for advice on ways to deepen hypnotic trance, heighten the experience, and fall further.

I am going to list here 5 tips to help deepen hypnotic trance. These will be for erotic hypnosis mp3s, and can be practiced to deepen trance while listening to any form of hypnosis, erotic or non. I will write an article with 5 more tips for live hypnosis sessions soon.

These are in no particular order, are my opinion, and what I have found to work on many different subjects. Try one, try them all, and don’t give up. If you really want something, sometimes you have to really WORK for it and on it.

5- Practice deepening trance by listening to a hypnosis mp3 from a hypnotist that you TRUST.

-Many people enjoy erotic hypnosis mp3s by many different hypnotists. That is perfectly fine, but if you are one who complains of not being able to sink deeply into hypnosis, this can be a factor. Trust plays a HUGE part in trancing. You are essentially opening your subconscious mind up to everything that the hypnotist is saying. If you do not trust the person whose words you are listening to, you will automatically have a safe guard up inside of your mind that prevents you from fully letting go, and sinking deeply into that bliss filled trance. Try listening to a file from one hypnotist that you trust, for a few days. Take the time to learn more about the hypnotist, and even ask questions that can ease some worries that you may have. Once the trust is there, you will be able to let go easier. Once it is easier for you to let go, and see that you CAN reach deep trance, then you will be able to go back to enjoying files from as many hypnotists as you’d like, with the confidence that you can achieve a deep state of hypnosis.

4- Listen to the hypnosis mp3 while focusing on something else.

– No matter how many times you hear the hypnotist say ” Focus completely on my words, focus on what I’m saying, focus on my voice”, etc etc, sometimes you just have to focus on something else in order to reach a deep state of hypnosis. This is usually the case with those who have more of an analytical mind set, and often think WHY instead of just doing what is told. Try this next time you listen. ( NEVER listen while doing anything other than something relaxing, and that doesn’t cause you to move around a lot)

Play the file on low volume, while laying in bed, and staring at a point on the ceiling or wall. Allow your eyes to wander around, and allow your thoughts to wander. Do not try to keep all focus on what is being said, why it is being said, and wondering if you are experiencing trance yet. Do not wonder if that sensation, or that feeling is making you fall deeper, just allow yourself to think about other things, whatever comes to mind while the entire mp3 plays. You can even read a book, or look at a magazine, or browse the internet while listening. Your subconscious mind will pick up on the important things that are being said, and eventually you simply will not ask why, or care as much on focusing on what is being said, and you will be able to just enjoy it and let go.

3- Pick one spot to listen, one article of clothing to wear, and one before ritual to do each time you listen to a hypnosis file.

– Doing these things will prepare your mind and body for the upcoming hypnosis, and will help to deepen hypnotic trance. It will trigger yourself to know that trance is coming, and will help to deepen it.

Choose one spot to listen to the file, and pick one article of clothing that you will wear ONLY when you listen to a hypnosis file. I suggest this to be something loose and comfortable, like satin pajamas, fluffy pajamas, loose sweat pants, or underwear/panties. Keep this article of clothing solely for wearing when you listen!

Do something everything single time right before settling down to  listen. This can be something like filling up a special glass with water, to drink right after you finish listening, or kneeling before a special photo in admiration, or spraying a light spray of perfume/essential oil on your pillow that you use only when listening to hypnosis mp3s. (Best if this scent reminds you of the hypnotist that you are listening to)

2. Choose one or two files to train with for a week.

– Choose only one or two files to listen to for an entire week. Pick ones that have the most effect on you trance wise. Follow the other steps.

1. Document your success

 This is very important, and should not be over looked if you are serious about reaching a deep hypnotic trance. Start a physical or online journal that documents your success. You can include the following in it, leaving out, or adding in things that you wish to.

The name of the file you are training with.

How you feel before listening, How you feel after listening.

Which parts of the file made you feel the strongest sense of hypnotic trance.

Did you remember the entire session?

Were you fully alert with thoughts wandering the entire time?

Did you feel deeper this listen than last? Why or why not?

Write down any notes, any questions that you may have to ask, and anything else you feel is important. Start seeing what works, and what doesn’t for you. Everyone is different, and experiences trance differently. What works for someone may not work for you, and vice versa. This is why it is important to document what does and does not work for YOU.

Happy Trancing ~

~Goddess Haylee




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  1. Gustavo says:

    Last night was my fourth attempt but I didn’t finish again. I’m going to try another recording because the one I’ve been listening to doesn’t arouse me that much and when it does, it goes quickly. I’ve been improving though. Last night, I didn’t move at all.

  2. Aimeekisses says:

    This is such great advice Goddess Haylee. Thank you for taking the time to write, and share this with us. It feels so good to experience a DEEP trance for you. I really love this photo of you on your throne looking so beautiful and so strong. I am saving it to my hard drive so that I can use it during worship rituals when bowing & meditating on your bliss. *aching*

  3. Cole says:

    Great tips Haylee thank you, I’m fairly new to all this and only had my first trance experience last week. But I have yet to get anywhere near it again.
    I’ve tried to create the same circumstances, to no avail.
    The only difference that is hard to duplicate is the fact that I had an exceptionally long day at work, and didn’t eat apart from breakfast. Could this be a factor?

  4. ForeverSlaveofHaylee says:

    Mmmm it is a great post, with several great tips. I also think it is very important just to concentrate on YOU, and not listen to any files, or watch any videos by any other hypnotist, which could cloud or confuse the brain. I tend to think that focusing on something else should be a tactic if concentrating on the hypnotist fully hasn’t worked. Many thanks for making this for us dear Goddess – and great picture with it too!

  5. blissdesires says:

    Thank You so much for posting this Goddess. Trust is a very important one for me, and when i first met You i had such a strong inner sense that i could trust You and feel comfortable with You. It’s only grown stronger by the day since that time. i remember back at a time that i just wanted to be hypnotized so badly, it didn’t really matter when or where for me, i just wanted to know what it felt like. i tried various things but i would always be checking myself, thinking am i hypnotized? It took awhile but i finally realized that i was spending more time worrying about whether or not i was hypnotized than i was thinking about enjoying the experience. When i finally decided not to worry at all about any of that was when i experienced trance for the first time. It was cool, and still is several years later 🙂

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