Ask me anything 2

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1. Have you ever used your powers to get what you wanted from someone who did not know. If would you ever do that?

Of course I have. With the natural talent that I have, it is only right that I use it to get what I want 😉 I almost never do this in a malicious way, or in a way that will leave the other person harmed, damaged, or hurt emotionally. I do it in a way that will leave the person in a kind of state of awe. Thinking about me long after it happened, attempting to piece things together, leaving them curious about me, etc.

Example: Using my enchanting hypnotic language to get inside of a persons mind, subtlety putting thoughts there that I want them to have. This can be about ME, wanting to spoil me, craving to listen to me, etc. This can also be used in instances where I wish to train someone without out right letting them know that this is what I am doing. I have turned many “vanilla” individuals into Goddess worshipers this way.

Example 2: Dolling up my eyes and my lips, which are two of my best features, and having attention brought to them. Men are so easy to manipulate when they are fixated on my eyes or my lips. They become so silly stupid in a fun teasing way, and honestly, I can pretty much get whatever I want once I have them fixated on me. They do not know that I am using my inner charms, and outer beauty ( which only truly shines from the inside). All they know is what I want them to know.

2. how many lbs do you squat?

This one made me smile. I can only squat about 35-45 pounds, depending on the bar that I use, if I am doing this placing the bar against my shoulders. If I am doing sumo squats with a barbell held in front, in middle of my body, I can do about 50 pounds. I am just starting out using weights again, so I only do several reps. If I am doing more, I will use less weight to warm up, or even no weight at all.

3. Do you love pegging your slaves?

Depends on the slave. I like to peg my live in slave from time to time. Some of my slaves I could see doing this with, and others I could never see doing anything sexual with. Some are meant to strictly be Goddess worshipers, and never have a relationship with me like that, real or fantasy. So honestly, it all depends on my connection with a certain slave, and if I find myself wanting to be pleased and amused by giving them the honor of being pegged hard and deep by me.

4. What should someone do if they are under 18?

Definitely not be on my websites, or any websites of the kind. I know this is unrealistic though. My best advice to you is to come back when you are 18, and can enjoy something like this legally.

5. Will you post videos on Youtube again?

Yes. I will be posting more videos in 2015. Youtube does not take kindly to erotic videos, so they will be way more tame than what you will see in my store. I will also be starting a Haylees bliss youtube channel which will feature hypnosis, asmr, wellness tips, health tips, spirituality discussion, fitness discussions, aromatherapy and more.



  1. john david says:

    Goddess, I never tire if singing Your praises for You always amaze me! You are always the same amazing You all the time and I am always amazed at Your perfection! You are the best, the greatest, and simply divine Goddess thru and thru! Thank You for being YOU and for keeping me around! I am super lucky!!!!
    And I would crawl the several hundred miles naked in the daylight thru the snow to be given the honor of being pegged by YOU!

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