10/min DEAL on CUSTOM VIDEOS this Friday~

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You guys are SOOOOO lucky! I am in a very very creative, inspired, passionate mood lately. I have received countless praise, rightfully so, on my lonely nights erotic hypnosis video, so that has motivated me to make even more videos! See how this works? You buy, you praise, you BEG for more, and it inspires me to do just that!~

So this friday I will be recording some more videos. A sensual, sleeping hypnosis Goddess worship one on one slave training video 😉 Some of my fave things all packed in to one video~ I will also try to do another vanilla one for my hayless bliss youtube channel. -(click to view my youtube)

So I am also offering custom videos on this day. 10/minute paid for via giftrocket.com only. If you are interested, email me at hypnotichaylee@yahoo.com and we can talk about the details! You do NOT want to miss out on this amazingly generous opportunity~

Also, I will NEVER show off ANY nudity, and will never do breast/ass fixation type videos~


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